LED Flood Lights for Every Application

LED Flood Lights for Every Application
We've just added the full line of LED Flood Lights from Industrial Lighting Products. These robust flood light fixtures are perfect for a variety of outdoor lighting applications from sign and facade lighting to parking lot and area lighting. The die cast aluminum housing has a hinged front frame on the smaller units and a removable back cover on the larger units to allow easy access to the wiring compartment and internal driver.

LED Flood Light Family from ILP

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The ILP LED Floodlight line-up includes a total of 6 fixtures ranging in input power from 10W-160W. The larger fixtures have an internal rocker switch that allows the user to select the drive power for the LED module. All of the fixtures in the family feature a chip-on-board LED module and 120-277V universal electronic driver. The die-cast aluminum housing is protected with a textured architectural bronze powder coat finish and the lens features a dimple texture diffusive pattern on the tempered glass. The fixtures all come with a watertight cord grip installed and all mounting brackets bring a cord with an additional water tight fitting to affix to the pole or box end of the cord. These fixtures are all rated for outdoor use, are DLC listed and come with a 5 year warranty. Typical applications include:
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Building facade and accent lighting
  • Parking lot and pole top lighting
  • General area flood lighting

Small LED Flood Lights

The 10W, 20W, 40W, and 60W/80W LED Flood Light models feature a hinged front frame assembly that allows for tool-less access to the wiring compartment. This makes installation and maintenance a breeze. These models are shown below: [product ids="2344,2345,2346,2347"]

Large LED Flood Lights

The 100W/120W and the 140W/160W models feature a hinged front frame and a removable back cover for easy access to the power rocker switch, the wiring compartment and the internal driver. These fixtures can also be mounted on a pole with the Pole Mounting Bracket or on a Tenon with the Tenon Mounting Bracket. These pole mount options make these LED Flood Lights ideal for parking lot and site lighting applications. The two large models are shown below: [product ids="2348,2349"]

Series Summary

The following table summarizes all of the fixtures available from the ILP LED Flood Light family:
SKU Description Lumen Output Wattage Lumens/Watt
ILP FS-10WLED-UNIV-4000K Small LED Flood Light, 10W 887 lumens 12W 77 lm/W
ILP FMS-20WLED-UNIV-4000K Small LED Flood Light, 20W 1,475 lumens 19W 78 lm/W
ILP FML-40WLED-UNIV-4000K Medium LED Flood Light, 40W 2,461 lumens 35W 71 lm/W
ILP FLL-60WLED-UNIV-4000K Large LED Flood Light, 60W 5,212 lumens 62W 84 lm/W
ILP FLL-80WLED-UNIV-4000K Large LED Flood Light, 80W 6,197 lumens 76W 82 lm/W
ILP FDL-100WLED-UNIV-4000K Extra Large Dual LED Flood Light, 100W 9,117 lumens 101W 90 lm/W
ILP FDL-120WLED-UNIV-4000K Extra Large Dual LED Flood Light, 120W 10,210 lumens 118W 87 lm/W
ILP FDL-140WLED-UNIV-4000K Extra Large Dual LED Flood Light, 140W 13,760 lumens 137W 100 lm/W
ILP FDL-160WLED-UNIV-4000K Extra Large Dual LED Flood Light, 160W 15,530 lumens 160W 97 lm/W

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As always, if you need help deciding which fixture is the best fit for your application, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide a lighting layout for your project and find the right fixture for any application.

About Industrial Lighting Products

ILP - Manufacturers of LED Flood LightsIndustrial Lighting Products (ILP) has been focused on manufacturing efficient lighting products for a wide range of commercial applications since its inception in 2003. The company provides a comprehensive line of fluorescent, induction and LED lighting fixtures and continues to deliver innovations in industrial light fixtures. With headquarters in Sanford, FL, ILP has more than 100 employees and produces over 10,000 fixtures per month for customers in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America. ILP is poised for substantial growth in the coming years due to its ongoing commitment to expand and develop its product line of energy efficient lighting fixtures, focusing on emerging LED technologies and innovations.

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